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March ~  WE WON AGAIN!!!  Caveman THeory

TV Pilot won a REMI in WORLDFEST!  We now have two -not just acceptances in fests, but 2 WINS! -  We’re quite honored.  Let’s get this show on the AIR!!! 


Laurie Foxx of Aqua Foxx Productions- writer, co-director, producer, and actor in the TV PILOT - CAVEMAN THEORY Has a

BIG WIN in the Accolade Competition, bringing home the trophy and AWARD OF MERIT for the Pilot, CAVEMAN THEORY!

We’re in great company, as TIM BURTON’s Production company took home a win for a SHORT next to our big win for TV PILOT!!!!

Ck out: for the  "LAURIE FOXX LIVE ON PBS" BOOTLEG RECORDING FOR A MERE $10.00!!  Trust me, IT'S A STEAL!!!!!!

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Laurie Foxx

Ck out "Helen Mar Dagget"!!!!!  A Pilot western where in one scene I get to ride a horse to distract the bad guys whilest the good guys come in to get them..... It's called History by the Roadside. (Chalk Peak Productions/PBS) It's too fun! 

Justin Timberlake, Jeff Bridges and me goofing off in between scenes filming, “The Open Road”!!! 

The adorable Katie Kate Mara, JT and me on the last day of filming, “The Open Road”!  I produced and acted, and had a ton of fun!!!!

LAURIE FOXX  and AQUA FOXX PRODUCTIONS  PRODUCE THE OPEN ROAD starring Jeff Bridges and Justin Timberlake. Aqua_Foxx_Productions,_LLC.htmlAqua_Foxx_Productions,_LLC.html


   TV Sit-Com Pilot — #1 in Accolade, Worldfest and Las Vegas International  Fests! for info or to watch it!

Studying a man up close and personal can be a risky research project! 


Laurie Foxx - Writer, Director, Lead Actress and Producer of

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Me and Mr. Caveman Foxx!

Music video of my song, “Heaven Sweet” for film, “Letters to Lauren”, by Miranda Spiegner!

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