As Quoted in article in Urban Beat Magazine:  "If your tastes  in Pop music run slightly askew of the norm, you would be hard pressed to find a better practitioner than Laurie Foxx.  Angels on Parade combines memorable melodies, excellent musicianship and off the wall lyrics that reflect vulnerability without wallowing in victimization.  My favorite is "Angels on Parade", an unabashed love song with a gorgeous melody.",  "POP Music with Power" a musically complex album ...laden with powerful, thoughtful messages...POP Magazine,  "like black Victoria's Secret under white gossamer. ...compared to Sarah M., Joni M...Flashes of Bette M.  Houston Press,  "Sarah M. and Joni Mitchell with an occasional Ben Folds Five and Rufus Wainright fAngels on Parade 12 song cd.  $13

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Laurie's 1st solo 4-song EP features "Long Ago/Yesterday (They Tried To Put Me Away)" and "Curiosity Killed The Cat." Both have received airplay and have been compared to the works of Kate Bush and Liz Phair by 104 KRBE The Zone Magazine, The Houston Press, and the '98' Emerging Talent in Music Magazine which printed:

      "With a voice that take improbable hairpin turns, alternately creaking like an old oak door and floating on pink cotton clouds, Laurie Foxx sounds something like Liz Phair minus the post-hip deadpan shtick. The Houston-based songstress switches off soloing and playing with her band. In Either case, Foxx is worth hunting down."

      Also, don't miss the entrancingly melodic Celtic tune "Little Head Man." It is sure to captivate with it's lovely piano, harmonies, acoustic guitar, and lyrics.

Curiosity Killed The Cat  $13.

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"Lucky Me" Featuring Laurie Foxx as lead singer and writer for band "Inside Sharks" $13.

Inside Sharks -   12 Song Rocking pop CD Featuring Laurie Foxx with her band.  Houston's KRBE Radio "Sound Check" Magazine says:  "Inside Shark's Quirky Quartet is one of Houston's most dynamic performing rock bands, tapping alternative, pop, and rock audiences across the state."  Recorded in 1997 in between solo albums, this album really rocks!  The band's no longer around, but the music's still great!  

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Laurie Foxx "Live and Solo on PBS" $13.

This is an Intimate version of Laurie Foxx in a solo/ acoustic setting. She was filmed and taped "Live on PBS" and it came out so good, that we thought you'd LOVE IT! If you really want to hear what her voice and her playing sounds like "ALL LIVE", now's your chance!


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