Laurie Foxx

These paintings are on exhibit in various places. For more info email:  or call: 713-857-1439

As a writer, singer/songwriter and painter, I work on variations of theme, using scale, texture, value, light and dark, color - loud and soft to evoke a feeling - an emotion from the viewer.  

Mostly self taught, I was surrounded by the art world growing up.  My mother, Barbara Trigg was a well known artist and an inspiration for me. I believe that Art is a way of life, an expression of our inner world reflecting emotion, expansion of thought, and a collection of experiences into a new and individual form.  

 I often paint while working on my music or listening to it to further the individuality and develop a consistent rhythm in the stroke of the brush.  My palliate is strong, using the colors of the spectrum, or a sunset.  These are the combination of the elements of water and air using light as the common bond that brings out spectacular color.  Often using the study of the atmosphere as in cloud formation, and the reflection of light from the sun through our atmosphere or finding inspiration in the colors of a rainbow, I glaze layers of color to add depth and to study the emotional and visual reaction to the changing canvas as I work each piece. 

 I hope you enjoy my work, and please feel free to e-mail me at anytime about current art  exhibitions and additional works.  I'd be glad to send an invitation!  Thanks,  Laurie