Gogirlsmusic.com CD Review

Laurie Foxx  " Angels on Parade " Genre: pop  reviewed by Megan McGehee  Laurie Foxx infuses her pop music with powerful arrangements incorporating thick instrumental textures and even some full chorus backing vocals in a style reminiscent of full theatrical productions. Her own nicely developed mezzo soprano, anchored in its middle range and venturing between inviting and apprehensive, wraps around the accompaniment in floating treble lines as her lyrics speak of human emotion and vulnerability with overtones of religious devotion.  Foxx has a talent for writing endlessly repeatable lines that stand first on their own and later return in full force to join other melodies in well-crafted rhythmic conversation and harmony. She explores pure keys with the addition of well-placed chromatic notes for interesting results. Similarly, she adds a variety of instruments, experiments with vocal tweaks, and plays with sound effects to embellish her solid foundation of piano and guitar lines. Laurie Foxx has written, arranged, and produced a musically complex album that is laden with powerful, thoughtful messages to herself and her listeners.  Hit Picks: "Heaven Sweet" <https://lauriefoxx.com/mp3.html> and "Childhood Games" <https://lauriefoxx.com/mp3.html>