Laurie Foxx

Angels on Parade

How do you tell someone you will love them forever? That they make you feel like you're in Heaven? Listen to this and know that love was meant to last. This is a melody to hold on to for years to come and the catchy double chorus with a 3/4 feel will make you cry. This is definitely the song for the love of your life.

Until I

Narrowly Lost My Mind

This alt/rock piano groove is the kind that sticks in your head with its four part harmonies that glide effortlessly over the drum/piano/bass groove. The very singable lyrics with a hook become mesmerizing. It's a song to play over and over again.

Curiosity Killed the Cat

These cats are in trouble................



Heaven Sweet

Just me and my keyboard.  A live - solo on PBS of 5 songs.   This is what I sound like Live on TV without a band!

Angels on Parade 12 song cd.  $13.

1)Martyr Away   2) Angels On Parade  3) Narrowly Lost My Mind  4) Never There  5) Fallen From Grace  6) Sunday Morning Smile  7) Whirling Dervish  8) Heaven Sweet   9)Honey Jar  10) Keeper Of My Soul 11) Childhood Games 12) I Love You, Eternally

Curiosity Killed The Cat $13.

1)Long ago / Yesterday

2) Curiosity Killed the Cat

3) Little Head Man

4) Meteorite Eyes

5) acoustic Curiosity

"Lucky Me" Featuring Laurie Foxx as lead singer and writer for band "Inside Sharks" $13.

1) Your Mind Is A Weapon  2) A Day in the Sun  3) Lucky Me

4) Highway Made of Glass  5) Curiosity Killed the Cat  

6 ) The River You  7) Long Ago/ Yesterday (They Tried To Put Me Away  8) Childhood Games  9) Meteorite Eyes  

10)Suddenly  11) Chameleon  12) You Don’t Fit

A solo/Live performance on PBS - just Laurie Foxx, a mic and her keyboard or guitar. You get to hear what she really sounds like! No corrections - no backup - no redos!

(Fast fact - She has never used an auto tuner in her life!)

Laurie Foxx "Live and Solo on PBS" $13.

This is an Intimate version of Laurie Foxx in a solo/ acoustic setting. She was filmed and taped "Live on PBS" and it came out so good, that we thought you'd LOVE IT! If you really want to hear what her voice and her playing sounds like "ALL LIVE", now's your chance!