The Global 2001

Laurie Foxx


Title: Angels On Parade  |    Label: Rage Right Publishing

The Rundown

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Laurie Foxx brings home an adult contemporary, singer/songwriter, progressive pop approach to the world with her latest album Angels On Parade. Laurie is definitely one of those artists who bleeds inspiration with her lyrics. The words that she so eloquently combines in her verses transpire into a beauty that I have yet to hear until now. Laurie's vocals are exquisite, while her passion is poured heavily into every song. I loved the artistic take on the music arrangements and the melodies. There is almost an operatic effect to the music that gives it the complexity and power. In other words, you simply couldn't dream up music like this. It's off the wall enough to create an interest, but with the groove enough to keep you at attention. Laurie Foxx has created an album of songwriting superiority. Very progressive and very eclectic. This is music that you're probably not going to hear on your local top 40 radio station, but for those who love music with substance, this is top choice.

- Michael Allison - THEGLOBALMUSE.COM